Our experts

The LIMES international team has been active in international fiscal consultancy for many years. Our advisers have both experience and expert knowledge to offer fitting fiscal and non-fiscal solutions to all your international activities.

  • Huub Kapel Partner huub@limes-int.com

    “More than 25 years of experience in providing tax solutions for your cross border business issues

  • Nick Domburg Partner nick@limes-int.com

    “We know what is best for your business in cross border tax and legal”

  • Age Seinstra Partner age@limes-int.com

    “LIMES international is your tax guide in international business”

  • Martin van Harten Partner martin@limes-int.com

    “Passionate about international tax issues of
    companies and expats”

  • Sander Michaël Partner sanderm@limes-int.com

    “A professional and pragmatic approach for all your cross border issues”

  • Toon Hasselman Partner toon@limes-int.com

    “Our passion for VAT and customs makes us so unique”

  • Veerle Triempont Partner veerle@limes-int.com

    “Offering you high quality tax and legal solutions”

  • Maarten kleine Kalvenhaar Partner maarten@limes-int.com
  • Sanne Friedrichs Senior Manager sanne@limes-int.com

    “Finding the best solutions is what drives us”

  • Frank Mélotte Senior Manager frank@limes-int.com

    “We will be more than happy to assist you with our high quality
    tax and legal solutions”

  • Jaap Spierenburg Senior Manager jaap@limes-int.com

    “Comprehensive tax and legal services for your international activities”

  • Wytske Wijnnobel Immigration Manager wytske@limes-int.com

    “Making sure that the international assignment of
    expats starts smoothly”

  • Renieta Hartwijk Manager renieta@limes-int.com

    “LIMES academy is a great source of
    knowledge for HR professionals”

  • Janneke Bergmann Manager janneke@limes-int.com

    “Finding the best solutions is what drives us”

  • Natasja Buis Junior Manager natasja@limes-int.com

    “We guide you within the maze of international laws and regulations”

  • Sanne Peek Junior Manager sannep@limes-int.com

    “All you need to know about social security, salary split and 30%-ruling”

  • Arianne Houwaard Junior Manager arianne@limes-int.com

    “Solving all your international payroll issues”

  • Maaike Noort Tax Adviser maaike@limes-int.com

    “Specialized in international tax advice for expats”

  • Corine Freke Tax Adviser corine@limes-int.com

    “Ensuring you get the most optimal tax results out of your assignment in the Netherlands”

  • Joshua Jung Tax Adviser joshua@limes-int.com

    “We are experts in international tax and legal services for companies and
    their staff”

  • Kimberley Litaaij Immigration Adviser kimberley@limes-int.com

    “Practical matters such as visa and permits are very important in making your assignment successful”

  • Louise van der Luijt Immigration Adviser louise@limes-int.com

    “Providing you with high quality services is what we do”

  • Daan van der Gaag Payroll Adviser daan@limes-int.com

    “We’ll assist you by preparing regularly occurring summaries of salary administration and cost analyses”