May 2020

COVID-19 #11 | Employee does not meet the salary requirement

2020-05-14T09:32:24+00:00May 5th, 2020|COVID-19, immigration|

If an employer is entitled to the working time reduction schemeĀ  and as a result a non-EU employee temporarily does not meet the salary requirement, the Inspectorate SZW temporarily does not fine the employer for not meeting the salary requirement as one of the conditions for a Dutch residence permit. [...]

April 2020

COVID-19 #7 | Immigration measures the Netherlands

2020-04-08T09:52:55+00:00April 8th, 2020|COVID-19, global mobility, immigration|

Due to the measures of the Dutch government to prevent further spread of COVID-19, the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND), the Municipalities, the Municipal Health Services (GGD) and other public services have taken several measures and adjusted their services. We have made an overview of all possible actions that may come [...]

March 2020

COVID-19 #4 | Netherlands short-stay visa and residence permit extension

2020-03-26T15:31:46+00:00March 26th, 2020|COVID-19, immigration|

Netherlands short-stay visa and residence permit extension People who are staying in the Netherlands on a short-stay visa and cannot leave the country due the COVID-19 measures, can apply for an extension of their short-stay visa by telephone at the IND, since the extension of a visa currently cannot be [...]

COVID-19 #2 | Immigration, the Netherlands

2020-04-07T09:04:19+00:00March 20th, 2020|COVID-19, immigration|

Immigration, the Netherlands The European Union announced to temporarily close the borders as per March 19 in order to restrict non-essential travel in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Citizens of the EU, the United Kingdom and the European Economic Area and their family members, people with [...]

COVID-19 #1 | Deferral of payment for tax assessments due to coronavirus

2020-03-27T14:58:24+00:00March 16th, 2020|COVID-19, immigration, payroll, social security, tax + global mobility, vat|

Deferral of payment for tax assessments due to coronavirus If you have payment issues as a result of the coronavirus, you can request special deferral of payment from the Dutch Tax Authorities for all income tax, corporation tax, turnover tax (VAT) and payroll tax assessments. This option applies to all [...]

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