April 2022

Update #2: work and residence permit regulations Ukrainian refugees

2022-04-07T16:22:35+00:007 April 2022|immigration|

As per 1 April 2022 it is possible to notify the employment of Ukrainian nationals who fall under the Temporary Protection Directive to the Labour Office (UWV). Based on this notification, a work permit is no longer required. The employee is authorised to start working, two days after submission of [...]

March 2022

Work and residence permit regulations Ukrainian refugees

2022-03-24T09:15:10+00:0024 March 2022|immigration|

On 4 March 2022 the Temporary Protection Directive was adopted by the EU. The Directive will initially be valid for 1 year and can be extended with two 6-month periods. Exceptionally another 1-year extension can be granted. EU member states are currently working on the initial implementation. The Netherlands is [...]

December 2021

New salary requirements highly skilled migrants 2022

2021-12-24T08:44:14+00:0024 December 2021|immigration|

The salary requirements for highly skilled migrants, Intra-Corporate Transferees (ICT) and European Blue Card holders for 2022 have been announced and are as follows*: Highly skilled migrants/ICT of 30 years and older: EUR 4,840 Highly skilled migrants/ICT younger than 30 years: EUR 3,549 Highly skilled migrants who are eligible for [...]

November 2021

March 2021

January 2021

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