We provide legal and tax support so that you can stay focused on what you do best.


Labour legislation and regulations differ from country to country and are continuously subject to change. For most companies, these topics are not part of their core business. Local and specialised knowledge, expertise and contacts are crucial for properly regulating employment law issues for companies working with expats, minimising risks and liabilities and making it possible to work cost-efficiently.

LIMES international possesses a great deal of knowledge, experience and valuable contacts at home and abroad. This allows us to assist you with advice and support in areas such as salary splits, employment conditions, employment contracts, additional provisions, expat policy, share and option schemes and dismissal schemes – wherever you are in the world.

For foreign companies, mostly from the United States and Asia, who want to enter the European market in or from the Netherlands, LIMES also offers valuable legal and tax advice and support. In this way, we help you create benefits for employers and expats. This could be done through correct application of the 30% ruling, competitive and flexible expat policies, problem-free dismissal schemes and related advice on tax planning. Of course, compliancy is assured.

Amongst other things, our advisors advise on:

  • drawing up contracts for employees and applicable (foreign) labour law provisions
  • competitive and flexible expat policies related to primary and secondary employment conditions
  • dismissal schemes