COVID-19 #19 | Consequences for cross-border workers

As a result of the latest COVID-19 developments, governments and the EU have extended special measures for cross-border workers. The temporary agreements with Belgium and Germany have been extended to 31 March 2022. Based on these agreements, a resident of a country, who normally works in the other country, but [...]

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New salary requirements highly skilled migrants 2022

The salary requirements for highly skilled migrants, Intra-Corporate Transferees (ICT) and European Blue Card holders for 2022 have been announced and are as follows*: Highly skilled migrants/ICT of 30 years and older: EUR 4,840 Highly skilled migrants/ICT younger than 30 years: EUR 3,549 Highly skilled migrants who are eligible for [...]

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LIMES international grows through acquisition of Amsterdam-based TTT-Group

Following a successful acquisition process, the papers have been signed: LIMES international, the consultancy firm that facilitates cross-border work and entrepreneurship, has acquired TTT-Group of Amsterdam. LIMES international has major ambitions. The acquisition of TTT-Group fits within LIMES’ growth strategy of further strengthening a market leader position in the Netherlands [...]

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From 1 January 2022 no more tax treaty between the Netherlands and Russia

Russia has canceled the tax treaty with the Netherlands as of January 1, 2022. The termination of the tax treaty between the two countries can have far-reaching consequences if, for example, you have employees or activities in Russia. Contact us to see what this means for you or your organisation.

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Annual review 30% ruling salary requirement 2021

In order to qualify for the 30% ruling, employees must have specific expertise, among other things. This condition is fulfilled if the taxable salary during the term of the 30% ruling continuously meets the salary criterion. For 2021, the taxable salary must exceed EUR 38,961 or EUR 29,616 for employees [...]

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