Deadline for filing the 2020 EU VAT claim is 1 October 2021

Dutch companies that have received invoices dated in 2020 with EU VAT on them can reclaim this non-Dutch EU VAT through the Dutch VAT portal if the following conditions are met: your business is established in the Netherlands there is no obligation to submit a VAT return in the EU [...]

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New VAT e-commerce rules in effect – important deadline: 10 August

As of 1 July 2021 new VAT rules are in effect for online sales. Webshops are subject to VAT in the buyer's EU member state. This VAT can be declared via a local VAT registration, but to avoid (a maximum of) 26 extra VAT registrations and associated declaration obligations, the [...]

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LIMES Social Security Map update 2021

The LIMES Social Security Map has been updated for 2021. The map shows social security contributions for many European countries, the US, China and more. The calculations show the social security costs for both employee and employer at three salary levels: €30,000, €75,000 or €200,000. You can view the map [...]

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VAT entrepreneurship for committee members / members of supervisory boards

In 2020, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled that a member of an objection advisory committee does not act as a VAT entrepreneur. According to the Court the work carried out is not done in his/her own name, not for his/her own account and not under his/her own responsibility. This means [...]

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Online event with Dr. Anthony Fauci | The John Adams Institute

As a proud sponsor of The John Adams Institute, LIMES would like to bring their upcoming online event to your attention. On Tuesday May 25, they will welcome Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, for a conversation about the Netherlands’ response to [...]

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