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International business is not only interesting and challenging for companies. Temporary employment abroad offers employees excellent opportunities and career perspectives. Permits, visas, entities and taxes are certainly essential to compliant cross-border operations. However, another important aspect often receives insufficient attention: posted employees’ social security and pension. Usually, social security cannot be compensated retroactively, which makes advice and planning crucial.

LIMES international advisors know how important international social security is for both employer and employees. As a result of our specific expertise in this area, our advisors are often consulted on complex issues. We also organise symposia on the application of European social security regulations. Please, refer to our special webpage with its interactive social security map.

For you as an employer, three items are paramount: you must be compliant, you want your employees to be fully insured and you want to achieve this without paying too much. In addition, posted employees usually expect the same level of social security as in their home country and want the certainty that their pension will be adequately taken care of.

LIMES international understands this and serves both employers and employees in the areas of sectorisation, statements, premiums, taxes, permits, regulations and insurance. With us, advice and implementation of compliance go hand in hand.