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In addition to advising, we are also happy to take care of compliance matters, making sure you play it safe.


LIMES international tax has unique insights into which tax issues might affect your international activities. Working closely with you, our extensive team of highly experienced tax specialists always provides the best solutions. Our specialists know exactly how to deal with taxation of companies and organisations (‘corporates‘) or the fiscal position of individuals / employees (‘individuals’).

Our clients range from small, starting entrepreneurs to large listed multinationals, and from expats to high net worth individuals. All our clients have one thing in common: they operate internationally.

“We advise people and companies that are active across national borders.”


Companies – organisations – institutions

You must be absolutely certain that your organisational structure is fiscally optimised and that your tax obligations at home and abroad are met. You must also be certain that you have done everything you can to manage and limit the impact of international taxation to the greatest possible extent.


We advise and assist you in all areas in order to make your cross-border activities even more fiscally successful. Our advisers don’t just strongly focus on foreign profit tax, corporation tax and sales tax, they also sharply monitor your obligations as an employer in the field of payroll taxation and social security. The overview is completed with an analytical look at transfer pricing.

Corporates can approach our advisers for:

  • tax accounting: determining and optimising the international tax burden; determining the tax position in the financial statements
  • assessing and optimising international tax and legal structures
  • tax compliance, meeting (fiscal) obligations at home and abroad
  • (international) reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions
  • objections against tax assessments and fiscal appeals
  • assessing and optimising cross-border flows of funds (dividend, interest and royalties)
  • profit tax returns at home and abroad
  • assisting of start-ups inside and outside the Netherlands
  • overseeing government audits (tax authorities)
  • advice on applicable tax treaties and tax provisions under European law
  • advice on global mobility, including development of expat policies
  • international social security


Private persons – employees – expats

If you are internationally active in a personal capacity or investing abroad, you will need to comply with international tax regulations in one way or another. This might be the case if you are an expat working for an international group, if you own a holiday home in Spain or France or if you are thinking about investing in a foreign company. Various tax aspects need to be set up properly. Such as, for example, correct application of the 30% ruling, salary splits and international social security, as well as, for example, different types of tax returns at home and abroad. Our advisers are active in these areas every day.

A selection of our services to individuals:

  • 30% ruling: advising on eligibility, applying for, submitting and handling
  • optimising your (international) fiscal position
  • advising on your international social security position
  • advising on and implementing salary splits
  • tax planning for directors and supervisory directors
  • international wealth structuring and asset planning
  • home ownership from an international perspective
  • income tax returns at home and abroad
  • objections against tax assessments and fiscal appeals
  • arrival and departure arrangements

As a one-stop-shop and independent party, LIMES international can support you in all areas with integrated advice and compliance services.




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