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In your home country you’re well-insured as an employee: you’re building up your pension rights and you have insurance for potential unemployment, occupational disability, illness and other risks. But what about when you’re going abroad for an international assignment? You will be dealing with different laws and regulations and it remains to be seen whether you are well-insured for sudden accidents, pension and illness. Our experts can advice and assist you and your employer in drawing up a strong pension plan, so you can start your international assignment without any worries.

You can come to our experts for:

  • advice about (foreign) pension plans and necessary insurance policies
  • advice about work-related insurance policies, including illness, occupational disability and liability
  • assistance with taking out the right practical insurance policies like those for your family, your car, your house and your furniture
  • assistance with requesting pension and health care
  • advice about health care

“A care-free start to an international assignment starts with a good pension plan”

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