Expat tax

Someone who is active internationally, either as an employee or as a private individual, will have to deal with various fiscal matters. You want to be able to fully focus on the international assignment, without having to worry about fiscal and legal red tape. Whether it concerns the 30%-ruling, split salary or social security, our advisers can offer you pragmatic advice for every situation.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • advice about the eligibility for the 30%-ruling, as well as requesting, submitting and finalizing it
  • assessing and optimizing your (international) fiscal position
  • advising you about your international social security position
  • providing advice about salary split and, where possible, applying it
  • providing advice about and drawing up (foreign) income tax returns
  • drawing up, submitting and finalizing your Dutch income tax returns
  • lodging complaints against imposed income tax assessments
  • arrival and departure meetings

“From arrival to departure, our advisers take over all your fiscal worries”

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