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As an employer, you want to make sure all matters regarding your in- and outgoing expats run smoothly. Financial and administrative burdens will need to be kept in check as much as possible. Our experienced advisors can guide and assist you with quality and pragmatic advice within the maze of international laws and regulations.

What can we do for you?

  • assisting expats with immigration, emigration and remigration
  • apply for visas, work permits and residence permits
  • advice both incoming and outgoing expats about the 30%-ruling
  • advice on salary split, where possible, apply to expats
  • advice on international social security
  • supporting expats with their foreign and Dutch income tax returns
  • advising expats about employment contracts and the applicable (foreign) labor law regulations
  • competitive and flexible expat policy regarding the drafting of primary and secondary terms of employment
  • advice on (foreign) pension plans and insurance policies
  • drafting and processing complex salary administration for expats

“LIMES international: dedicated and creative fiscal advisors”

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