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As a foreign i.e. non-Dutch (fiscal) adviser you’re dealing with your home country’s local laws and regulations. If your clients are pursuing international activities in the Netherlands, you will also have to deal with Dutch law and regulations. We are specialists in the area of Dutch fiscal laws and regulations for clients with international activities. That’s why you’ve come to the right place.

We can advice you about various issues relating to, for instance:

  • starting business activities in the Netherlands
  • setting up efficient international structures
  • being eligible for, as well as requesting, submitting and finalizing the 30%-ruling
  • the (international) fiscal position of both your client’s organization and its employees, including split salaries
  • drawing up, submitting and finalizing all Dutch tax returns
  • necessary visa, work permits and residence permits
  • importing and exporting goods and services and the accompanying indirect taxes for both the company and its employees

“We contribute to the successful activities of your clients in the Netherlands”

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