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As an international HR professional you are active in various areas. The diversity of projects require a lot of your attention that you may not always be able to divide properly, especially when complex international matters are concerned that you don’t deal with on a daily basis. LIMES international can support you with all your projects.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • advising you about the 30%-ruling of both incoming and outgoing employees
  • assessing and optimizing the (international) social security position of expats
  • Providing advice about salary split, and where possible, applying it
  • advice about and drawing up (foreign) income tax returns for expats
  • advising you about the expat’s employment contract and the applicable (foreign) labor law regulations
  • drawing up a competitive and flexible expat policy regarding primary and secondary working conditions
  • advice about employees’ (foreign) pension plans and required insurance policies
  • guidance with immigration, emigration and remigration of your employees
  • running complex salary administration for your expats
  • requesting the necessary visas, work permits and residence permits
  • supporting the acquisition and selection processes of your organization
  • ensuring that your personnel administration is both complete and proper
  • temporarily supporting your (international) HR departments
  • providing support with the relocation of personnel
  • organizing training and educational programs for your expats’ partners and international HR proessionals

“Our advisers contribute to successful deployment in all areas”

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