In many different areas, you will have to deal with fiscal problems, both relating to international corporate structures, as well as those relating to internationally employed workers. When it comes to your cross border activities, you will want to minimize risks and limit your overall (global) tax burden. An optimal fiscal and organizational structure, as well as any intercompany contracts tailored to it, are essential for accomplishing this. You will also want to take advantage of fiscal benefits. In all of this, you will have to deal with fiscal and administrative obligations both at home and abroad.

We can assist you in this with, among other things:

  • corporate tax compliance and tax accounting
  • assessing and optimizing the international fiscal and legal structure
  • an extensive and varied set of services tailored to expats’ needs
  • international and ‘confidential’ payroll
  • advising about international VAT and import rights/duties
  • taking care of visa, work permits and residence permits 
  • assisting you with (international) reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions

“Tailored fiscal and financial solutions for your international activities”

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