Our specialists have been working as international tax consultants since the 1980s. Working for a large international fiscal advice and accounting firm, a passion for international fiscal problems arose.

In 1998, we decided to join forces in starting up an independent department for fiscal consulting of internationally active companies and private individuals. In 2005, this department became independent and, initially, there was still some collaboration with an international accounting firm. The management’s ambition, however, went far beyond their own department within an accounting firm. Seeing as the accounting principles fiscally limited us in our role, we decided to spread our wings in 2011 and to operate independently from accounting firms.

In doing so, this department was renamed to LIMES international in March 2012, an independent fiscal consulting firm that exclusively focuses on organizations and private individuals with cross-border activities. By having become independent we can assist you with your cross-border activities quickly and efficiently.

“Over 25 years of experience in cross border tax and legal services”

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