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There’s a wonderful philosophy surrounding our name of LIMES international. The Romans used the word Limes to signify the borders of the Roman Empire. This border crosses the Netherlands and follows the ‘Old Rhine’. This also holds true for the Voorschoterweg, the territory LIMES international has established its new office building.

The Romans strove to expand their empire and to go beyond their borders, in much the same way as many companies and individuals are doing nowadays. This, combined with the location of our new office, is what makes our name so fitting. We advise people and companies that move past their boundaries.

“Like the Romans, LIMES international crosses borders”

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  • Voorschoterweg 23G
  • 2235 SE Valkenburg ZH
  • The Netherlands
  • info@limes-int.com
  • Tel.: +31 88 089 90 00
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